08/2010 – The New Iraqi Ambassador visit to Montreal


The Iraqi Community Center hosted the new ambassador of Iraq to Canada, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Hussaini. Among the guests that attended the meeting, there was the general console in Montreal, Mr. Riyad Al-Tai, as well as many representatives of Iraqi groups & centers with high ranking and distinguished qualifications.
The meeting began with a welcoming speech, delivered by the ICC president, Moayed Altalibi, in which a brief description of the history of the ICC was presented, along with the roles it played and the objectives it sought to accomplish in the community.
Then, the general console welcomed the ambassador and thanked the ICC for the organization of such an event. He also emphasized the continuation of the services provided by the consulate to the community.

In his turn, the ambassador expressed his gratitude and delight to meet the Iraqi community in Montreal, assuring them that the embassy is their home and its doors are open to everyone.
The main topics discussed are the following:

•    The new Iraqi passport (edition A), which will be issued in both Ottawa and Montreal in the near future.
•    The participation of the Iraqi community of Canada in the general census scheduled for October 2010 (the approval of the Canadian authorities is already obtained).
•    Promoting the idea of opening the Canadian embassy in Baghdad by assuring its safety.
•    Other subjects discussed include the Iraqi Cultural Attache, Iraqi universities, hospitals, etc..

09/2010 – Iraqi Night

Amongst its many social gatherings, the ICC organized an Iraqi night event on September 26th, 2010. This event gathered 250 adults as well as a large number of children.


One of the highlights of the program included poems read by the renowned expatriate Iraqi poet Issa Al-Yassiri and the poet Arwa Al-Samaraie.

Moreover, there was an award celebration for Iraqi graduates from Canadian colleges and universities. This year’s graduates are Dr. Mostafa Altalibi, Sarah Al-Ramahi and Ali Abduljabar.

The event was marked by the newly formed Iraqi band called Al-Afandiah comprised of Zaid Bagdadi (lawyer), Omar Daiwachi (doctor), Amar Al-Shimari (engineer) and Noor Al-Abossi. The band entertained the crowd with traditional folklore while the Iraqi kabab dinner was being served.

Finally, there was a raffle and prizes were won by the participating crowd.


Meanwhile, as the event was progressing, the children were in a separate entertainment hall and were benefitting from games, balloonists and pizza.


The success of the event is attributed to the hard work of the ICC board as well as the many volunteers led by Alaa Hassan.


11/2010 – Aldarbounah – A Baghdadi Neighborhood / Un quartier de Baghdad

“Aldarbouneh” reviving a Baghdadi neighbourhood in Montreal
Inspired by articke of Alia Kareem (http://www.maakom.com/site/article/4627)

From the cries of the street vendors accompanied by music from the authentic Coffee shop “ Azawi”  and fragrant bouquet of spices, cardamom and incense arose the image of the authentic Baghdadi neighbourhood with all its traditions and culture. A picture where the old Baghdadi neighbourhood melded with “Aldarbouneh” the new Baghdad neighbourhood created in Montreal. Our Darbouneh had it all the coffee shop, the famous public market, the street vendors but what make it really authentic was the crowd ( more than 500 ).

Those who visited the Darbouneh had the chance to eat the famous kebbi and meat bread from Abo Rushdi , the well known Pickles from Abo Ali,  The delicious Iraqi bread from Shateau Kabab , the Famous Falafel and egg with Amba sandwiches provided by Al-Fardous and Shateau Kabab and the famous Bakalwa and Zalbia generously supplied by Al Shalal. The visitors were also able to try the Chickpeas, Lama Beans and turnip cooked in date molasses which was gracefully supplied by Amel , Faiza and Alia. In our darbouneh all the roads end at the “Azawi” coffee shop, where the crowd was captivated by the music of our famous and generous artist Salam Salman, accompanied by the famous tea with cardamom in the authentic Iraqi cup “Istikan”. Our Darbouneh was also full of art created by our Iraqi Artist Kamal AL –Janabi , in addition to some paintings by Amel AlRikabbi who was also generous with the decoration of the coffee shop, The Art of our Iraqi Calligrapher Natheer was well appreciated by all. Last but not least, the enormous number of volunteers that participated throughout the planning and partaking during the two days, they gave the neighbourhood a realistic image with their costume, their poet and their street cries we are truly grateful to you.

Finally, we thank the Ville de Montreal for the funding and the CDN Community Center staff and administration for the space and the support they provided for us during the preparation of the event.





02/2011 – Conference on gun registration in Canada

Date: Sunday February 6, 2011
Time: 6:30 pm
Place: Hall 602, 6767 Cotes-Des-Neiges, Montreal, QcH3S 2T6

The ICC is organizing a conference. Our guest speaker, Haydar Kadhim, is an activist with the De Sousa organisation lobbying and pressuring parliament to legislate and implement the gun registration law in Canada. As one of the victims of the September 2006 Dawson College shooting, he will shed light on his experience and recovery. The presentation will be followed by a question period.

Refreshments will be served

3/2011 – Iraqi Night

Amongst its entertainment & social programs, the ICC organized an Iraqi night event on March 27th, 2011. This event gathered 85 adults, which is a number that exceeded hall’s capacity.

Part of the program included folkloric music performed by AL-AFANDIYAH group and poems read by the renowned  Iraqi poet Arwa Al-Samaraie. There was also traditional poetry & proverbs given by Muhsin Alkalidi as well as contests by Farooq Abdul razak. Supper was prepared by the Abu-Rushdi kitchen.


The ICC would like to thank all those who participated in this event and all the volunteers, especially Nather Yousuf, who provided the sound system.


The ICC expresses regrets for not being able to accommodate for everyone that was interested due the limited hall capacity.