11/2010 – Aldarbounah – A Baghdadi Neighborhood / Un quartier de Baghdad

“Aldarbouneh” reviving a Baghdadi neighbourhood in Montreal
Inspired by articke of Alia Kareem (http://www.maakom.com/site/article/4627)

From the cries of the street vendors accompanied by music from the authentic Coffee shop “ Azawi”  and fragrant bouquet of spices, cardamom and incense arose the image of the authentic Baghdadi neighbourhood with all its traditions and culture. A picture where the old Baghdadi neighbourhood melded with “Aldarbouneh” the new Baghdad neighbourhood created in Montreal. Our Darbouneh had it all the coffee shop, the famous public market, the street vendors but what make it really authentic was the crowd ( more than 500 ).

Those who visited the Darbouneh had the chance to eat the famous kebbi and meat bread from Abo Rushdi , the well known Pickles from Abo Ali,  The delicious Iraqi bread from Shateau Kabab , the Famous Falafel and egg with Amba sandwiches provided by Al-Fardous and Shateau Kabab and the famous Bakalwa and Zalbia generously supplied by Al Shalal. The visitors were also able to try the Chickpeas, Lama Beans and turnip cooked in date molasses which was gracefully supplied by Amel , Faiza and Alia. In our darbouneh all the roads end at the “Azawi” coffee shop, where the crowd was captivated by the music of our famous and generous artist Salam Salman, accompanied by the famous tea with cardamom in the authentic Iraqi cup “Istikan”. Our Darbouneh was also full of art created by our Iraqi Artist Kamal AL –Janabi , in addition to some paintings by Amel AlRikabbi who was also generous with the decoration of the coffee shop, The Art of our Iraqi Calligrapher Natheer was well appreciated by all. Last but not least, the enormous number of volunteers that participated throughout the planning and partaking during the two days, they gave the neighbourhood a realistic image with their costume, their poet and their street cries we are truly grateful to you.

Finally, we thank the Ville de Montreal for the funding and the CDN Community Center staff and administration for the space and the support they provided for us during the preparation of the event.





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