09/2010 – Iraqi Night

Amongst its many social gatherings, the ICC organized an Iraqi night event on September 26th, 2010. This event gathered 250 adults as well as a large number of children.


One of the highlights of the program included poems read by the renowned expatriate Iraqi poet Issa Al-Yassiri and the poet Arwa Al-Samaraie.

Moreover, there was an award celebration for Iraqi graduates from Canadian colleges and universities. This year’s graduates are Dr. Mostafa Altalibi, Sarah Al-Ramahi and Ali Abduljabar.

The event was marked by the newly formed Iraqi band called Al-Afandiah comprised of Zaid Bagdadi (lawyer), Omar Daiwachi (doctor), Amar Al-Shimari (engineer) and Noor Al-Abossi. The band entertained the crowd with traditional folklore while the Iraqi kabab dinner was being served.

Finally, there was a raffle and prizes were won by the participating crowd.


Meanwhile, as the event was progressing, the children were in a separate entertainment hall and were benefitting from games, balloonists and pizza.


The success of the event is attributed to the hard work of the ICC board as well as the many volunteers led by Alaa Hassan.


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