01/2012 – Movie Night

The Iraqi Community Center in Montreal would like to invite you for Movie Night:

Son of Babylon by Mohamed Al-Daraji

Sunday 5pm at 6767 Cote-Des-Neiges, Montreal, 6th floor

North Iraq, 2003, two weeks after Saddam Hussein’s fall. Ahmed (Yassir Taleeb) is a twelve-year-old boy. His only relative is his grandmother (Shehzad Hussen), an old woman of Kurdish lineage. They are traveling together looking for Ibrahim, Ahmed’s father, who was forced to join the Gulf War years before and never returned. A letter testifies the man is alive, but Ibrahim’s is nothing but a ghost the child and the old woman follow around, hoping to find a concrete presence at the end of any road they take. From chaotic Baghdad to the prisons of Nasiriyah, from mass graves in the desert where nameless victims of recent wars lie to the remains of ancient Babylon. Like the legendary Hanging Gardens, Ibrahim is for Ahmed an elusive promise, a reality that’s always farther away and out of reach.

Runtime: 90 minutes Language: Arabic, Kurdish



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