Who Are We

The Iraqi Community Center (ICC)

Established in 1986, is a non-profit organization that offers a variety of services to help Iraqis better integrate in Canadian society. The ICC works to create a healthy and friendly environment for all Iraqis regardless of their race, religion, age or background.

What Do We Do

– Organize community events during different national and religious celebrations;
– Represent the community at different local and national activities;
– Assist new Iraqi immigrants in procuring proper residence and work opportunities;
– Expose achievements of our community members such as artists and authors;
– Organize lectures on important issues to the Iraqi community;
– Work closely with other Iraqi communities and groups
and much more

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Contact Us

6767 Cote Des Neiges ,Bureau 604-1
Côte des Neiges/Notre Dame de Grace
Montreal, QC
H3S 2T6



Office Hours:
Monday:  10am – 1pm
Thursday: 5:30pm – 8pm